Do What You Love – If You Can

An Unfulfilled Calling Can Be Bad for Business and Your Health

amazing-736888_640(1)When I was knee deep in career change hell, I often sought the advice of career gurus like Penelope Trunk. While I loved her content and her straightforward, kick-you-in-the-tail style, I felt like this woman would probably hate me. She wrote a compelling article arguing that “doing what you love” was one of the worst pieces of career advice you could ever get, and I was wearing the Life is Good t-shirt—literally. She feels the same about going to graduate school and even wrote an article about “crushing” defenders of this path. Oh, well. I had a J.D., and was considering going back to get a Ph.D. But the lost earnings! The cost-benefit ratio!

All great points. But some things just don’t work that way. (more…)