rootI help people find work that excites, inspires, and empowers them. If you can find that place where passion, talents, and mission intersect, then the money is the gravy.

My coaching process is designed to tailor your needs and objectives. At the beginning, we will start with an assessment of where you are now. You may feel generally unhappy in your certain job or career. You may think the only way out is a total reset.  But a comprehensive assessment may reveal that you actually are happier with more things than not. Perhaps,  smaller changes—in your hours, location, or department—are actually what you need.

Through a confidential and trusting coaching relationship, we will work together to clarify your values, establish goals, and develop a plan of committed action. We will enact this plan in many ways including role-playing important scenarios and weekly committed action exercises. The number of sessions involved will depend on the package you select and your coaching needs.

Career Transitions

“I like what I’m doing, but I want to change _______ (companies, locations, specialty area)”

“I would like to explore alternative careers, but I have no idea where to start”

“I have no idea what I want to do, but it’s definitely not this.”

“I want to go back to school, and everyone thinks I’m crazy”

We will focus on topics like:

  • Motivation enhancement
  • Values exploration and clarification
  • Skills building
  • Weekly committed action
  • Strategic decision making
  • Networking and relationship building

Career Management

“I like my current position, but I want more  _______ (money,  flexibility, autonomy, responsibilities, etc.)”

“This is a great opportunity, but I’ve lost my focus and my mojo. Where do I go from here?”

“My team is driving me crazy. How do I get them to cut the drama and finger pointing.”

We will focus on topics like:

  • Motivation enhancement
  • Values exploration and clarification
  • Effective communication
  • Managing conflict
  • Leadership presence
  • Relationship building

A La Carte

I also work with clients on specific career needs and goals:

“I feel like I always have my head in the weeds at work. Help me see the bigger picture.”

“I think my boss / coworker is a narcissist. Help me fight back.”

“My advisor / supervisor is all over the place. Help me finish this dissertation / manuscript / project!”

Email me if you would like more information regarding any of these packages.