A Manifesto

What I've Learned Along the Way

boat-cWe are all doing the best we can, with what we have, where we  are—now. 

While I was working in a large law firm, I felt like was in a zombie movie trying to look like the walking dead so they wouldn’t eat me. I went to the parties, luxury retreats, and happy hours. I took the glass of Kool-Aid—so at least I’d look like them—but I never drank it. When they weren’t looking, I was always looking for a way out. Playing that game was exhausting.

Later, when I was in another career and much happier, it was tempting to beat myself up. Yet, I reminded myself that I was doing the best I could at that time in my life. That’s what we are all doing. When the shoulda, coulda, wouldas start, always try to find compassion for yourself. If you get stuck on how things should be, you are not present with your life as it is now. If you are busy beating yourself up for what you didn’t do or say back then, then you are missing opportunities to change your life here and now.

What could you accomplish if you could stop shoulding yourself to death and start caring for yourself, and living right here…right now? (more…)

Do What You Love – If You Can

An Unfulfilled Calling Can Be Bad for Business and Your Health

amazing-736888_640(1)When I was knee deep in career change hell, I often sought the advice of career gurus like Penelope Trunk. While I loved her content and her straightforward, kick-you-in-the-tail style, I felt like this woman would probably hate me. She wrote a compelling article arguing that “doing what you love” was one of the worst pieces of career advice you could ever get, and I was wearing the Life is Good t-shirt—literally. She feels the same about going to graduate school and even wrote an article about “crushing” defenders of this path. Oh, well. I had a J.D., and was considering going back to get a Ph.D. But the lost earnings! The cost-benefit ratio!

All great points. But some things just don’t work that way. (more…)